Heal Autoimmune Disease with Diet and Lifestyle

Even if you’ve been struggling with your condition for a decade or more

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Using the strategy of creating health, INSTEAD of fighting disease can yield far better results.

Have you been struggling with an autoimmune disease Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s or Ulcerative Colitis? Maybe even for a decade or more?

It’s true…

There’s an entirely different way of healing that doesn’t involve taking drugs for the rest of your life and suffering through the side effects as well as lingering symptoms that they can’t address.

It’s the concept of Creating Health through diet and lifestyle.

And it’s very different from the strategy that most of the western world uses of fighting disease.

And as you’ll see, this is about healing your body from the inside out… unlocking its natural ability to heal itself when the obstructions to do what it’s always been capable of doing; are removed.

Best part of all, it doesn’t require dealing with endless doctor visits and drug side effects.

And you can start seeing a positive shift in your health within days or weeks.

So, if you want a way to heal yourself from the inside out, you want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

No more suffering in silence. No more wondering when this will magically get better.

Just a straightforward strategy using diet and lifestyle.

Hi, my name is Dr. Benjamin Benulis. Twelve years ago I was struggling with a health condition that at the time I didn’t even know what autoimmune.

I had chronic fatigue, chronic muscle pain, skin issues and horrible digestive issues.

My health was declining rapidly at 28 years old.

I had been going through the medical merry-go-round of specialist to specialist, drug to drug, for months on end essentially seeing zero results.

I was getting extremely frustrated, discouraged and depressed. Here I was spending all this time and money seeing doctors who didn’t seem to be able to help me.

And much worse, none of them really seemed to care?

Sound familiar?

I knew I had to figure out a way out of this, even if it wasn’t with their help.

I began researching, massively self-educating and massively self-experimenting.

I swore that changing my diet and was the LAST thing I ever want to do.

But once I had exhausted every other option, I was painted into a corner.

I started trying to eat healthier.

In the beginning I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. It was total mad-scientist-mode.

But over time, with lots of trial and error I began to fall into a routine and a program that worked for me.

Within about 6 short weeks of finding a protocol that worked me I saw a massive shift in my health.

My chronic pain disappeared. My skin issues started to clear up. My digestion improved DRAMATICALLY.

And best of all, instead of chronic fatigue, I had more energy than I knew what to do with!

Not from some miracle drug, herb, pill or supplement.

Not from some amazing new technological advance in modern medicine.

But from this diet and lifestyle strategy I call Creating Health.

Best of all, everything was food I could get at the grocery store.

A strategy that is very straightforward and simple in nature.

Without having to buy tons of exotic supplements and pills.

Without having to hunt down exotic ingredients.

Without having to endure any drug side effects.

...and it allowed me to reverse my autoimmune disease within a matter of months.

How would you like to finally unlock the vibrant healthy version of yourself that is trapped somewhere inside?

Here’s what some folks have said..

That was just one person's results

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Before we go any further: An important disclaimer

Here’s the deal – the diet and lifestyle protocol that I teach in this book works.

What I outline in this book has allowed me to reverse my autoimmune disease and as well as help many other people do the same.

All with food you can get in a grocery store.

If you do what I outline in this book you will see amazing results.

Please understand the results I'm sharing with you are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or anything similar).

I don’t know what type of results you’ll see as a result of reading this book.

You and I both know, the average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. Typically, because they don’t do anything with the information.

Your results will also vary and depend on your ability to implement what it’s in this book consistently and turn it into sustainable habits.

If you're not willing to accept that, and you’re not willing to make changes in your life to see big shifts in your health DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

This book is for someone who is committed to stepping up and transforming their body and their life.

Now with that said, let me jump right in and show you…

Get off the medical merry-go-round and take charge of your health with this book.

The Key To Healing Your Body is Consuming Mass Quantities of Fruits and Vegetables

I'll give you the proven diet and lifestyle plan and you'll have a strategy you can begin implementing as soon you get home from the grocery store.

Avoid potentially years more of seeing doctors and practitioners without getting results.

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This will save you potentially years or decades of frustration.

Get my entire book for less than the cost of a doctor visit co-pay.

Get The Create Health Book and

2 Bonuses For $9.97

Today Just $4.97


Author: Dr. Benjamin Benulis

This book will show you:

✔️ My story of how I came down with an autoimmune disease and my journey to healing (page 3)

✔️ Why having the right philosophical framework is so important and how the perspective of Creating Health is so much more powerful than “fighting disease” (Page 9)

✔️ Why both the medical model AND the alternative medical model are problematic, and what actually works (page 11)

✔️ What exactly IS autoimmune disease and what are the symptoms (page 12)

✔️ Why autoimmune sufferers often have so many sensitivities to so many things (page 15)

✔️ The things autoimmune sufferers deal with that their friends, their family and their doctor often never really understand. This will have you shaking your head “YES” (page 16)

✔️ What really causes autoimmune disease. Even though doctors will usually say “we don’t know”. (page 19)

✔️ How to address the route causes of autoimmunity, instead of just putting a band-aid over the symptoms. (page 22)

✔️ Why the mainstream medical approach to treating autoimmunity is doomed to fail from the start. (page 26)

✔️ How plant-based nutrition can reverse autoimmune disease, why it is optimum for health, and the science behind it. (Page 29)

✔️ The BIG Fallacy in nutrition, that once you understand this concept, you can see through most bad nutrition advice immediately (page 34)

✔️ The protein myth and why most people are actually getting too much of this nutrient, and why that’s a bad thing (page 36)

✔️ My full protocol of how to eat to reverse autoimmune disease (page 38)

✔️ Sample meals plans and recipes (page 39)

✔️ The mind body connection and why it matters (page 49)

✔️ How the nervous system controls the immune system and how you can leverage that to your advantage (page 62)

✔️ How to create more mental and emotional health, which will in turn add to your physical health (page 67)

✔️ For busy people: real life strategies for implementing Dr. Ben’s diet and lifestyle strategies even if you live a very busy life. (page 67)

✔️ How to handle cravings for unhealthy food, AND how to stop them from happening in the first place (page 73)

✔️ How to handle eating healthy in social situations, and while traveling. (page 77)

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Bonus #1: Dr. Ben’s Green Smoothie Guide ($17 Value)

This bonus guide has recipes that aren’t in Create Health, and will give you an even greater variety of things to try.

 Bonus #2: Autoimmune Masterclass Training ($47 Value)

In this video training you’ll get an in-depth master class in what causes autoimmune disease, where it comes from, why mainstream medicine has such and a hard time treating it and how to actually heal.

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